Brand identity, Mobile design

An app that informs users on elections.

As today’s youth grows into responsible adults, it is important that they stay informed of the political climate that surrounds them. Despite being able to influence at least 80 electoral votes, however, 18 to 29 year-olds are the age group with the lowest voter turnout rates for elections as proved by statistics. In order to inspire engagement in the matters that affect them, Vote4U is an app that will provide easily-accessible and unbiased information to the inquisitive voter.

Voter turnout rates amongst young adults are egregiously low. How can we inspire the youth to be more engaged in politics?

An app containing easily-accessible and unbiased information about elections, candidates, and political and social issues.

Infographic of most common reasons why young people don't vote based on interviews and surveys I had conducted.

App design process from sketch, to wireframe, to final.

Product Visions

Explore Vote4U's features through prototype walkthroughs.

Keep track of important dates.

Read up on social and political issues.

Search for candidates and add them to your ballot.

Hear what others are saying and learn about other vital information.

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