Poster series advertising Adobe Creative Cloud.

Animated promotional piece based on the poster series.

Nationwide School
Competition for

Adobe Creative Cloud

Designed for students from grades K-12, this contest will encourage students to cultivate their imagination. Entrants would illustrate a world of their own creation and winners would receive various prizes that would give them and their classmates an opportunity to grow creatively, such as a free Adobe CC subscription for a whole year for themselves and their school.

This brochure would be distributed to students and can be unfolded to display a poster in classrooms.

brochure back aaaa.jpg

Through social media, followers could be inspired by illustrations done for the campaign and stay up to date on the contest.

instamockup_acc copy.png


Promotional design, Motion

A campaign designed to help young creatives grow using Adobe Creative Cloud products.

This was in part inspired by how I believe that it is important to nurture a child's creative and artistic abilities. In my own experience, my parents' support changed my life when they gifted me a digital graphics tablet in the 8th so that I could draw in Photoshop. I am a graphic designer today because I was able to expose myself to design and illustration and practice my skills at a young age. By introducing kids with a passion for art to products like Adobe Creative Cloud, I hope that they, too, could further develop their talents.